• Charles
    We travelled to Uganda on the 16th till the 23th December and spent the time with Stephen from CUL Tours. From our first contact with CUL tours through this website (safaribookings) we were very pleased with their prompt response and flexibility with the itinerary and accomodation etc. We did a lot of research about different safari tour companies and were obviously concerned about sending money before arriving but this apprehension was relieved once we arrived in Entebbe and saw Stephen waiting for us at arrivals. We had the most amazing trip, starting with the first night at Rwaboko Lodge on the edge of the Mburo national park. There we saw many animals, and did a couple of game drives. The Lodge was very nice and Stephen knew the managers and they looked after us very well. It was a nice way to break up the trip from Kampala to Bwindi as Mburo is about half way. Stephen is a very safe driver and has a nice Toyota Landcruiser that is ideally suited for game drives and rough terrain. The next day we drove to Bwindi to prepare for the gorilla trekking the following day. Stephen once again made all the bookings for the lodges and we stayed is a wonderful new lodge called Buhoma Community Lodge. This place was not what you would expect from a "community lodge", it had amazing private luxury accomodation, with fantastic views across Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and the service was second to none. We saw the gorillas with Stephen the next day which was a once in a life and must do experience. After two nights in Bwindi we drove to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and throughout our driving Stephen would provide insights and knowledge about the different villages, wildlife and history of the regions we passed through, and he has a great eye for spotting birds and different animals. We had two nights in Queen Elizabeth with the two main highlights seeing 8 lions up one tree and a leopard sleeping in the grass, and also seeing chimps in the gorge. One chimp has stolen and leopard cub, we watched it play with it for about an hour. Overall our trip with CUL Tours and Stephen could not have been better, we had the most amazing trip and felt safe the whole time and would thoroughly recommend CUL Tours to anyone wanting to travel around Uganda. I would be happy for anyone to call me if they wanted more info, or verification about CUL tours. My email is cpfraser@hotmal.com, and I will reply with my contact mobile.
  • Pia Larsen og Jacob Sønderup
    Nu sidder vi her og ser tilbage på vores tur med Cul tours & safari, i Uganda. vi skrev til Stephen, hvad vi godt kunne tænke os at se og han klarede alt for os. Vi havde den bedste chauffør Solomon, som fik os til at føle os trygge under hele turen. vi kan varmt anbefale Cul tours & safari til alle andre der ønsker at opleve Uganda helt tæt på. Hilsen Lasse, Klaus, Pia, Nanna og Jacob Danmark
    Pia Larsen og Jacob Sønderup
  • Guest
    Unforgettable experience through the impenetrable Bwindi in January 2009 while the gorillas decided to post exactly at the opposite of the entrace, about 5 hours away.. so we walked and walked and thanks to the gorillas for the once in a lifetime challenge up and down the forest, through the river, elephants trails, flood, green, flies, mosquites and finally .. what you ever wonder.. the gorillas ! My guide, Stephen, was more than a guide.He was a friend even a family man looking after me, being around with me at all times, dring through to pick me up on the "tracks".... about 5 hours without any sleep. I will never forget and ever want to be back to Uganda to live such unforgettable experience. Thank you !
  • Camilla Olsen
    My first impression of Uganda was a little terryfieding because I could'nt relate anything that I know to Denmark, were I come from! But then I met the drivers and guides from cultures and they was the greatest people I ever met! They thought me about Uganda and made me feel safe and enjoy my time with them on the tour around in Uganda! They really showed us the Uganda culture and we got it under our fingernails! They are making a lot of fun, and you get the feeling that you are becomming very good friends! I will recommend them to everybody who wants to see the Uganda culture and just to experied what Uganda have to offer!
    Camilla Olsen
  • Camilla from Denmark
    Im a student, and right now Im an intern in Uganda. Stephen took the group of students around the westside of the country when we arrived in feb. We had 10 amazing days. We decided to go to Sipi falls in april, again with Stephen, we had the best weekend so far, while staying in Uganda. So if you want to experience Uganda, with a guide who is dedicated to his country and his job, if you want to feel safe and you want the best service, choose "Cul tours and safaris"!
    Camilla from Denmark
  • Camilla Olsen
    It was the most amazing tour I had ever experience! I really got the Uganda culture under my skin. I had a great time being with the drivers and guides! They really made the trip unique! It was a cool way to experience Uganda and I will never forget it! I will recommend it to everybody who loves to travel!
    Camilla Olsen
  • Bernhard Trier Frederiksen
    Fora, a Danish association for local adult education organizations in Denmark, have the last seven years cooperated with the Lira based NGO UPENDO. Through all the years of visits in Uganda we have had the explicit pleasure of being able to rely on the professional and accurate transport services of Cul Tours. Both when driving in the bush of the great parks or in the thrilling traffic jungle of Kampala, the drivers have always performed extremely well in careful and gentle manner, and often with working hours unknown to other drivers. Fora can highly recommend the services of Cul Tours: With Cul Tours your trip to and in Uganda - whatever park or town - is sure to be a success! 
  • Jan Johansen
    Just returned from a fantastic trip again with Cul Tours and Safaris. It is the ninth time in the last five years we use Stevens company to get around in Uganda. This time we visited many craft groups and on the way back to Kampala we made a shortcut through Murchison Falls National Park and were lucky to get a glimpse of a leopard. We can only recommend using Steven and Cul Tours and Safaris as organizers, whether you plan your trip yourselves or let him do it. You can rely 100% on him. We come back later this year and certainly next year.
    Jan Johansen
  • Peter Luitze
    We had a great trip, see my facebook
    Peter Luitze
  • Claudia the Netherlands
    Uganda is a beautiful country which has much more to offer than the gorillas. Queen Elizabeth NP and the chimpansees are amazing aswell. Travelling with Stephen Bukoma is a good choice, he is a very good guide!
    Claudia the Netherlands
  • Så er vi kommet godt tilbage til Haugesund efter en fantastisk tur til Uganda. Det har været en helt utrolig stor oplevelse at rejse fra Entebbe i syd til Koboko i nord med Stephen vores fantastiske chauffør og guide. Et kæmpe knus og tak til Pernille og Mikkel for nogle dejlige dage
  • Jette Raymond
    Then we made a good back to haugesund after an amazing trip to Uganda. It has been a very great experience to travel from Entebbe in the South to Koboko in the North with Stephen our fantastic driver and guide. A huge hug and thanks to Reina and the hound for some lovely days. Jette Raymond 3rd may,
    Jette Raymond
  • Jeg er stadig overvældet efter en spændende og oplevelsesrig tur i Uganda, hvor jeg har set og oplevet så mange ting at det vælter rundt i mit hoved! Vi havde den bedste guide på turen, Bukoma Stephen Wanambwa - vores egen Mama Stephen, som tog sig af os som en mor og sørgede for vi havde det dejligt samt fik en masse på opleveren! Hvis i overvejer Uganda vil jeg helt klart anbefale jer at kontakte Cul Tours, så kan i få en oplevelse udover det sædvanelige! 
  • Suzie Larsen
    I'm still overwhelmed after an exciting and eventful trip in Uganda, where I've seen and experienced so many things that it is pouring around in my head! We had the best guide on the trip, Bukoma Stephen Wanambwa-our own Mama Stephen, who took care of us as a mother and made sure we had it nice and got a lot of experience! If you are considering Uganda I will definitely recommend you to contact Cul :), so you can get Tours an experience beyond the customary right! Sussie Larsen 30th may, 2014
    Suzie Larsen
  • Bun
    We had good times to visit Murchison National park. We met Shoebill Stork, Lions, or other kinds of birds and animals. But we did not have enough time to see more. I will visit there again. マーチソン国立公園の旅では楽しい時間を過ごせました。ハシビロコウ、ライオン他様々な鳥と動物を観察できました。時間の制約があり全てを見ることはできませんでした。再度、訪問してみたいと思います